If You Plan to Bug In, Stop Doing This Immediately!

Navy SEAL Reveals 3 Dangerous Mistakes You Might Be Making Right Now

If You Plan to Bug In,

Stop Doing This Immediately!

Navy SEAL Reveals 3 Dangerous Mistakes You Might Be Making Right Now

About Joel Lambert

About Joel Lambert

Joel Lambert spent ten years as part of a Navy SEAL team, experiencing combat and running covert missions in places like Kosovo and Afghanistan.

Upon returning home, he served as a lead instructor at BUD/S, the screening and selection school for people aspiring to join the ranks of the elite Navy SEALs.

After his time in the Navy, Joel was recruited by Discovery Channel to star in Manhunt. In this reality show, Joel would infiltrate different secured areas of various countries.

Once he did, special operations forces from those countries would track the veteran SEAL and try to stop him before he could reach his extract point, usually several days away.

Through thick jungles, swamps, high mountain ranges, and busy city streets, Joel’s skillset and ingenuity allowed him to outfox his pursuers almost every time.

But as good as Joel is at bugging out, he would never head for the wild in a real crisis. Bugging out should be a last resort. It’s what you should do once everything that can go wrong has. So instead of teaching people how to bug out and risk their lives out there, Joel decided to do something nobody had done before.

He set out to help people survive in their own homes and protect their families in the next crisis using skills and methods he relied on as a Navy SEAL. And they’re all saved in a book everyone should have in their home:

A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide:
How to Turn Your House into the Safest Place on Earth

A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide:
How to Turn Your House into the Safest Place on Earth

Inside A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide, Joel Lambert reveals everything you need to do to never have to leave your home during dark times by creating a self-sufficient fortress that will sustain you and your family for however long it takes (even years) until things get back to normal.

The whole book is easy to read, understand, and follow. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, young or a senior—this book can help anyone.

It’s in physical format, so even if you’re dealing with a long-term blackout or an EMP, you’ll still have access to this life-saving information.

As Joel will show you in detail, it ultimately boils down to 10 things that every person looking to successfully bug in must have covered. They’re part of what Joel likes to call The Life Pie.

Here’s Just a Glimpse at What You’ll Find Inside

A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide:

Here’s Just a Glimpse at What You’ll Find Inside

A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide:

The ONLY Foods You Need to Stockpile

The ONLY Foods You Need to Stockpile

First, the book covers food reserves.

Fortunately for us, we were born in times of plenty, and none of us have experienced anything even close to a real famine.

But as history has shown, there is no limit to the things a person will do when they haven’t eaten in a few weeks. That’s when people start to eat other people.

It’s become so easy and so cheap to build a long-lasting food stockpile nowadays that it’s crazy so few people have one.

Unfortunately, most Americans will be caught with their pants down in the next crisis, relying only on what they have left in their fridge or freezer.

Inside A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide, you will discover exactly how to build a long-lasting stockpile that needs no refrigeration. It starts with a complete stockpile that you can eat from morning, lunch, and dinner for three months. Then you’ll have another one for six months and another for a full year.

You’ll see exactly where to buy these foods so they’re as affordable as possible. You’re also going to get a day-by-day and meal-by-meal rationing plan to make sure you are not only getting around 2,200 calories a day but also the vital protein, fat, and other nutrients that will keep you healthy in the long run.

If you don’t already know this, most survival foods sold in buckets are usually very expensive, low in calories, poor in nutrients, and bland in taste.

Unlike most “survival experts,” I’ve bought, stored, and lived off every food you’ll discover inside A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide.

Besides what I’ve mentioned so far, here are some other things you’ll find in this first chapter:

  • The Under $1 Walmart Canned Goods You Absolutely Need to Add to Your Food Reserves
  • A Meal in a Jar That Can Feed You for a Week
  • How to Make the Ultimate Survival Food with a 25-Year Shelf Life
  • Must-Have Survival Foods You Didn’t Know Existed
  • The Only Seeds You Need to Stockpile for a Crisis
  • How to Preserve Eggs Without Electricity for Years
  • What Item You Should Remove from Your Pantry Immediately
  • What Great Depression Foods We’ll Be Eating Again Soon

The Water You Need in a Crisis

and How to Preserve It

The Water You Need in a Crisis

and How to Preserve It

In the next crisis, the thing that will probably force most people to flee the safety of their homes is not a lack of food but a lack of safe drinking water.

It’s very easy to underestimate how much you really need. The truth is, having enough water not only to drink but also cook and bathe with requires some out-of-the-box solutions. You’ll find everything inside the book, but here’s just one of them.

Put a water storage kit called a water bob inside your bathtub, and turn on the tap. Before long, you’ll have over a hundred gallons of fresh water safely gathered there.

If there is a blackout or an EMP that stops the big water pumps we all depend on, there will still be some water left in the pipes that you can quickly grab for yourself with this device, which also keeps water from spoiling for a long time.

What you’ll also find in A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide for this part of the pie:

  • The Deadly Water Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs
  • How to Stockpile a Ton of Water for 365 Days
  • A Simple and Cheap Device That Can Filter Huge Quantities of Drinking Water
  • Why Bleach Is Not the Best for Purifying Water (and what to use instead)
  • How to Harvest Atmospheric Water
  • Why You Should Place a Silver Coin in a Blue Barrel
  • How to Test Your Water to See if It’s Still Safe to Drink
  • How to Desalinize Water Using a Device That Costs Only $4

How to Looter-Proof Your Property

How to Looter-Proof Your Property

I’ll show you everything a SEAL knows about how to protect your home against looters and other intruders. If these ingenious tactics work against highly trained soldiers and terrorists, you can bet they’ll work against your average disorganized looter in a crisis.

You’ll see exactly what you need to do and install from the property line all the way to your bedroom to protect yourself and what you have in a crisis.

For example, you’ll not only discover how to make your house look extremely unappealing or dangerous to looters but also how to set up traps and alarms that will ensure you don’t become their next victim.

Here are some other things I’ve saved for you in this chapter:

  • How to Safely Clear Your House Room to Room When You Think You’ve Got an Intruder
  • How to Make Your House Invisible After SHTF
  • Ingenious, Violence-Free Ways to Keep Looters off Your Property
  • The Most Common Security Mistakes You’re Probably Guilty of Too
  • What to Say if Neighbors or Friends Come Asking for Food in a Crisis
  • Signs to Avoid on Your Property
  • How to Silence a Conventional Generator so It Doesn’t Draw Unwanted Attention
  • What Hiding Places Looters Never Check
  • The First Thing You Should Do if Martial Law Is Declared
  • SEAL Home Survival Tactics for the Next Civil War

How to Still Have Power When the Grid Is Down

How to Still Have Power When the Grid Is Down

This is where you’ll learn about the ingenious strategies and items that will keep you alive in a world without power.

We’re so used to having electricity all the time—and everything that comes with it—that I suspect most people will be totally paralyzed once the grid goes down due to an EMP strike, solar storm, or cyberattack.

But unlike most people, in the military we actively prepare for such scenarios.

Here are just some things you need:

  • A Breakthrough Survival Generator Anyone Can Afford That Can Power an Average American House for Three Days Straight
  • An Inexpensive Device to Insulate Doors and Windows to Prevent Heat Loss
  • The Best Fully Rechargeable Batteries for Flashlights, Drills, and Other Electric Tools
  • How to Hide That You Still Have Power Left in a Blackout
  • How to Draw Electricity from Dead Batteries
  • Powerless Items to Stockpile for the Next Blackout
  • An Ingenious Way to EMP-Proof Your Generator, Car, and Other Vital Appliances

The Post-SHTF Communication Blueprint

The Post-SHTF Communication Blueprint

Next up, you’ll learn how to communicate in a blackout or after an electromagnetic pulse that takes down our cell towers and satellites.

In the SEALs, we don’t rely only on conventional methods of communication as that would make us very vulnerable. I’ll show you some things that we use instead and that you can use as well in the next crisis.

On top of that, you’ll be able to pass and receive untraceable messages and talk without anyone being able to pinpoint your exact location, just like a special operator.

Here are some other things you’ll find in this extensive chapter:

  • How to Communicate Like a Navy SEAL
  • The Best Ham Radio for Preppers and How to Operate It
  • A Simple Homemade Antenna That Can Greatly Amplify Any Radio Signal
  • How to Turn a CB Radio into an Effective Two-Way Communication Device with a 50-Mile-Plus Range
  • How to Listen In Without Being Detected
  • The Cheapest Way to Buy Emergency Radios in America
  • Off-Grid Appliances Everyone Should Have in Their House
  • How to Use a Car Battery to Power Up Your Radios

And so much more…

Essential Medical Pills and Supplies to Keep Close During Dark Times

Essential Medical Pills and Supplies to Keep Close During Dark Times

In any crisis, health should be your number one priority, so you’d better learn about the medicines and medical supplies you need to have by your side. As pharmacies will be among the first to get looted, make sure you get everything you need before it’s too late. Without the right medicines, even a simple flu or a tiny cut can kill you.

  • The 10 Cent Pill Everyone Needs in Their Cabinet
  • How to Stop Bleeding with Cayenne Pepper
  • How You Can Stockpile Prescription Meds Without a Prescription
  • What Happens if You Take Expired Medications
  • “Nature’s Amoxicillin” and Dozens of Other Natural Remedies That Can Save You Once Pharmacies Run Dry
  • How to Make a Black Drawing Salve
  • The Only Four Antibiotics You Need to Stockpile for When SHTF
  • Vital Medical Supplies to Keep in Your House
  • What Happens if You Mix Raw Honey with Activated Charcoal
  • The Powerful Painkiller That Probably Grows in Your Driveway

Plus many other things that your life will depend on one day.

Survival Items You Need but Never Heard About

Survival Items You Need but Never Heard About

This next part will reveal the survival tools and gear you really need to bug in. You’ll never find out about them on TV or some random YouTube video.

There are so many bad deals and useless items out there that you have a better chance of finding a needle in a haystack.

I’ll help you burn the hay and find what you really need.

Here are some other things you’ll find:

  • Household Items You Need to Stock Up on Before the Upcoming Great Depression
  • The DIY EMP Survival Home Kit
  • What to Hunt for at Amish, Army Surplus, and Salvation Army Stores
  • Essential Emergency Supplies You Should Have at Home
  • What You Probably Forgot to Buy at the Dollar Store
  • A Simple Plug-In Gadget That Can Shelter Everything in Your House from the Effects of an EMP
  • What Items Vanished Immediately After Hurricane Katrina

And a lot more items that will greatly help you in the dark days ahead!

SEAL-Tested Survival Skills for the Next Crisis

SEAL-Tested Survival Skills for the Next Crisis

Right now, you have access to the Internet. It’s so easy to search for something online and see how it’s done. Of course, that all stops when the electricity goes away.

That’s why I want you to have the skills you need in a physical book, not on a hard disk, phone, laptop, or other electronic means of storage that, along with the Internet, will be totally unreliable in a crisis. 

Some of the many things that you’ll find here:

  • Deadly Bug-In Mistakes You’re Probably Making Right Now
  • 10 Things That Will Become Extremely Valuable After an EMP
  • Where to Find Shelter in the Event of a Nuclear Strike
  • Why You Should Bury a Trashcan in Your Backyard
  • The First Thing You Need to Do Once a Civil War Starts
  • Preserving Food Without a Fridge
  • What to Do if They Find Out You Have a Stockpile
  • The Only Four Knots You Need for Survival
  • Things You Throw Away That You Should Add to Your Stockpile Instead

And many others that will come in quite handy during dark times…

Intelligence: How to Stay One Step

Ahead of the Bad Guys

Intelligence: How to Stay One Step Ahead of the Bad Guys

No matter how prepared you may think you are and how big of a stockpile you’ve been able to get, your biggest threat will always be other people. Even if you bug in for months or years, at some point you will eventually have to deal with others.

So you need to know how to handle them, not only by brute force but also through cunning, deception, subterfuge, manipulation, and every other psychological trick out there.

In the SEALs, we take this very seriously. And always remember, loose lips sink ships.

Never…ever tell anyone what you have!

Here are a few things you’ll discover in this chapter:

  • How to Become Untraceable When SHTF
  • How to Tell When People Are Lying to You
  • Ingenious Ways to Outfox FEMA After SHTF
  • How to Stay Completely off the Government’s Radar
  • How to Know if Your Neighbor Will Become a Looter in the Next Crisis
  • An Ingenious Way to Stop Your Phone from Tracking You
  • Your Rights Under Martial Law
  • A Fool-Proof OPSEC Plan
  • How to Hide from Thermal Vision

…and many other hacks that will keep you off all radars.

And then there’s the FINAL PIECE OF THE PIE:

Projects to Outlast a Collapse

Projects to Outlast a Collapse

These projects are not required if things go back to normal in a few weeks or even a few months if you follow the rest of the guide.

But there is no doubt that they’ll make you more self-sufficient today as well as help you survive in the long run. You can find their complete blueprints with pictures and my step-by-step guidance saved in the final chapter of A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide.

So if you have this book by your side, you can build them any time you want or need to.

Here are a couple of them just to get an idea:

  • How to Build an Electricity-Free Fridge
  • A Pressurized Rainwater Collection System
  • The Year-Round Greenhouse
  • A Backyard Root Cellar
  • The No-Electricity Coil Water Heater
  • The Poor Man’s Faraday Cage

So there you have it—the ten things you need, to turn your home into the safest place on Earth.

A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide is really unlike any other prepping or survival book out there.

  • First of all, the survival knowledge saved inside doesn’t come from Internet “research.” It comes from my personal experience as a SEAL doing all of these things for decades to protect my team and family. Just like anyone else, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes along the way so you don’t have to. I’ve also found shortcuts and improved many things that will probably help you out a great deal during the hard times ahead.

  • Secondly, the book is designed to cover ALL the important aspects of surviving a crisis without ever leaving your house. If you plan to bug in in a crisis, this is the only guide you’ll want by your side.

+ Two Life-Saving Gifts and 24/7 Assistance with Everything You Need

+ Two Life-Saving Gifts and 24/7 Assistance with Everything You Need

If you decide to get A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide today, you’ll also receive two exclusive bonuses worth $29 each—completely FREE.

These are only available on a first come, first served basis, so don’t call us about them later if you don’t take advantage of the opportunity in front of you now.

The first one is called How to Become Self-Sufficient on 4 Acres.

People back in the day were a lot more self-sufficient than we are. They would grow and preserve their own food and medicine, build backyard wells and root cellars, raise livestock, and do many other things on their own, which we’ve all but forgotten in our world of plenty.

The second bonus you’ll receive is called How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way.

This is a day-by-day guide that shows you what to do after an EMP every day for 30 days. Think about it this way: If an EMP had struck in the late 1800s, nobody would’ve even noticed it.

Our great-grandparents didn’t even know what an EMP was nor did they know what modern technology was, but they surely lived, survived, and prospered without it.

These two free bonuses are only available if you get A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide today. You can always purchase them separately for $29 each, but today you get both of them for FREE!

We’ve tried to price the bug-in guide as fairly as possible so that anyone can afford it. Money is not my reason for writing this book. This is a book that will save many lives during the dark times ahead, so as a devout Christian, I believe it’s my duty to make sure it ends up in as many hands as possible.

The problem is that I can’t print in huge quantities like a big publishing house that gets a huge wholesale discount. This is not a mass-market book and probably never will be.
I’ve managed to get a price that helps me cover printing and other expenses, like paying for a nutritionist, a combat medic, and a few other experts who’ve also contributed to this unique bug-in guide. All things considered, $59 is a not a bad price for the lifesaving information found inside this guide.

But luckily we were able to find a printing house near Austin, Texas, whose owner is also a prepper. He loved the book so much that he decided to help us with a big printing discount like we were some big publisher, which obviously we’re not.

This way we were able to get the price down to just $37! For this one-time payment, you will receive A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide plus How to Become Self-Sufficient on 4 Acres and How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way.

To secure this deal, just click on the button below now, and I’ll make sure you receive everything as fast as possible.

Keep-the-Book Money-Back Guarantee

Keep-the-Book Money-Back Guarantee

That means you have a full 60 days to read and apply everything inside.

You’ll probably love it, but if at any time during those 60 days you don’t feel completely satisfied with the information Joel has saved inside, send us a quick e-mail or message, and we will gladly refund you the price of the book.

We’ll never even ask you why.

And you can choose to keep the physical book and the two bonuses, even if we refund your $37. That’s how much I believe in this guide and its power to save lives.

What Can A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide

Do for You and Your Family?

What Can A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide Do for You and Your Family?

A Safety Net for Hard Times

Unless a fire or tornado is heading straight for your home and you need to evacuate in a hurry,

A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide will help you prepare for any kind of crisis, including the most severe ones, like an EMP, civil war, or a full-blown economic meltdown. Having it by your side is the best insurance policy you can buy for your family.

Our society is still functioning right now, so there is still time to follow the advice inside and cover all your bases in terms of food, water, communication, security, and all the rest. Do not wait until it becomes too late, as many of the items you’ll find in the book will become impossible to get in a crisis.

Rely Less on Big Corporations and Uncle Sam, and More on Yourself

One of the most important steps you can take to prepare for the coming crisis, whatever it will be, is to become more self-sufficient. Part of that is stockpiling the right stuff but also absorbing the skills and methods you need to survive with no outside help, like growing and preserving your own food, gathering rainwater, making powerful natural remedies, and many others.

You will also learn how to build the small projects you need in your backyard and around the house for a self-sufficient life.

Stop Wasting Money on Stuff You Don’t Need

People waste a lot of money each year buying stuff they don’t really need. Preparedness is no exception.

A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide will help you see through the fog of disingenuous advertising and help you STOP wasting your hard-earned money on bogus products and bad advice.

It will also give you the survival items and knowledge that will truly make a difference once things go south.

The Bug-In Guide Can Also Save You Money

Just buying the right kind of backup generator, which you’ll discover inside the book, can save you over $1,000 in one go. Depending on how large of a stockpile you want to build and which of the items I recommend you want to get, the savings can go up to multiple thousands of dollars.

Not to mention that learning how to grow your own food and medicine and do other things yourself will add more savings on top of that!

But don’t take my word for it; see for yourself by comparing your regular sources with the ones I’m giving away inside the book.

Sleep Like a Baby at Night Because Your Property Is Secure

With this book, you’ll never again worry about a break-in. The easy DIY traps and alarm systems you’ll have in place will make sure that any intruder is dealt with swiftly, without even waking you up most of the time!

It will be you who controls your own security, and you won’t need to depend on an increasingly gutted and unreliable police force.

Make Your House Invisible to Looters and FEMA

With the simple methods I’ll reveal inside the book, you can turn your house into an almost invisible shelter. Just as there is an art of human camouflage, there are also ways to make a home vanish in plain sight. I’ll show you what you need to do immediately once a crisis begins to drastically cut down the chances your house will ever become a target for looters, rioters, or unwelcome government officials.

They could be looking right at it but never think or dare to enter your property.

A Precious Gift for Future Generations of Your Family

This book contains survival information that will probably be as relevant for your grandkids or great-grandkids as it is for you today.

You can be sure that if you leave them this book, it will also help them in their hour of need, and they will be very grateful you had the wisdom to do so.

I really hope you will take advantage of A Navy SEAL’s Bug-In Guide, but even if you decide otherwise, I want to thank you for reading this message and watching the special video I made for you.

God bless you and stay safe,